Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

~ The Ninth Beatitude – Alexander Pope, 1688–1744

When I can lower my expectations it is so much easier to stay in equanimity (composure, calmness, poise, self-control, level headed).

It can be very difficult to welcome each day with “no” expectations, but it is one of the many things that can create a loving and full life experience.

When I do not have any expectations I am always in a state of gratefulness and a state of grace, then everything that I experience is like a miracle.

If I live my life with expectations I will always be disappointed.  Life and people are never what I expect them to be.

How can anyone or anything meet my personal and preconceived expectations?  This is not possible.

If I approach life and people through the filter of my expectations I have entered a delusional state of mind that believes life and people “should” be something different from what they/it actually is.  This puts me into judgment and when I am in judgment I lose respect for anything that I am judging.  Reverence for life and people cannot exist if I expect it/them to meet my expectations.

So, if I am feeling disappointed by life, by people, I have to do a reality check and ask myself what were my expectations?  What story did I make up in my mind that life and people are not complying with?

My preference is to be surprised by life and people, it is soooo much easier and life is so full when I have no idea what is about to unfold.

“To find your life’s purpose, have no judgments about your life, no expectations and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow.”

~ Caroline Myss

“When you meet life with an open heart and no agenda you can never be disappointed.”

~ Panache Desai 

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