I went for a walk in the woods.  Entering the path I walked until I reached a bend in the road, where I sat down on a bench.  I could see the continuing path on one side of me and on the other the path I had just walked. From my sitting position both paths were equal in my vision.  Here I was in the middle, the present moment.  Behind me the past in front of me the future, but the only true reality was the moment on the park bench.

I became very still in contemplation.  I saw the two paths as a symbol of duality.  If I allowed my mind to go in either direction I would leave the undeniable peace of the moment, in a sense I would leave reality.

The wind picked up and I heard rustling in the leaves on the tree directly in front of me.  I was totally in the full experience of the now.  I realized how truth, spirit, God, has no sound; it is silent until it moves through something in the physical world, like the wind was moving the leaves on the tree creating such a beautiful sound.

I looked down on the path beneath my feet and saw how each pebble had its place, its purpose.  I was feeling a reverence for everything and I felt a reverence in return. What is normally experienced as here and over there was disappearing, I was disappearing.  Or I should say separateness was disappearing and the identification with a separate “me” was being absorbed into the Oneness.  The “I” definition that creates a distinct me from everything else was leaving.  I was part of everything around me.  Colors became so vivid, time stood still and everything was more alive.  Vibrant light and a pulsating high energy embraced me.  Breathing slowed down, almost seeming still.  I felt a powerful energy slightly above my eyes between the eyebrows.  Spellbound would be an understatement, I was in absolute bliss.  No desire to move, to know, label or analyze. I don’t really know how long the experience lasted but at some point the “I” slowly began to return.  It was as if I had been on a long blissful journey.  It was an effort to return and an effort to move.  I just allowed the experience to end on its own accord.  When I was able to stand and walk I continued on the path.  With each step I continued in the now, not allowing my mind to go back or forward.  There was beauty and grace in each step I took.   As I reflect back there really are no words that can truly define the experience.  It is like trying to point to something that we have not yet created words for.

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