I treasure the belief that we all have innate wisdom, and this is our ultimate guide. 

Like Michelangelo chipping away the stone until the beauty of David was revealed, we must let go of all that is no longer needed for our highest good.  Irma supports others in discovering the beauty they have within.  

  • Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor
  • Akashic Record Consultant
  • Wisdom Circle Leader
  • Theta Healing Facilitator
  • Mind, Body, Fitness Specialist
  • Five Tibetan Rites – Instructor
  • Mindfulness: Relaxation, Meditation & Beyond Instructor
  • Professional Interviewer
  • Inner Engineering Graduate
  • Studies in High Mysticism
  • Workshop Leader
  • Speaker

It took a lifetime to integrate the absolute truth that I understood via my soul remembrance with the relative facts commonly experienced by humanity. 

Today, I understand there are no spiritual bypasses; we are all affected by the human condition and must find ways to merge our psychological selves with our spiritual selves. My journey has been mystical and transformational, bringing me to a stable equanimity and wholeness of being. 

“To borrow the words of the legendary Joni Mitchell, ‘I’ve looked at life from both sides now’ and discovered a seamless existence. There are no sides. There is no separation. There is only oneness".

I hope to inspire and encourage others to be comfortable with their spiritual awakenings as we accompany each other on the road less traveled. We are all teachers and students.”

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At the early age of eight, I experienced what I now call a soul remembrance.  In this experience, a loving presence spoke. “You have a choice to remember your connection to your true self; if you choose not to remember, you will come to believe the persona of a conditioned self and how the world will try to define you. Whatever you choose will decide your destiny in this lifetime.” I chose to remember. Even though life has continually challenged me to forget, I have remained committed to that choice.

I continue to have transcendent experiences that are not sought but come as spontaneously and naturally as my first awakening. 

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I love to celebrate the good in life and people. I believe that there is a place of love and wholeness within us. My purpose is to stoke that love and wholeness within myself and others, bringing those energies higher and higher as we move closer and closer to one day living in a world of love, peace, and harmony.

"The human soul doesn’t want to be advised, fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed-to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is."   ~ Parker J. Palmer