Join Irma Francis as she explores the transformation into Soulhood.

Having achieved life goals and met the expectations of family and society, we may feel that there is something missing.  This something could be a direct contact with our Soul. 

It is through Soul contact that we become ready to let go of the conditioned self and allow our true self to step forward and take the lead.  We shift into a deep and compassionate Soulhood connecting us to our divinity as well as our humanity.

Irma Francis opens a portal to the exploration of Soulhood by inviting open ended inquiries into this eternal dimension. 

Irma’s intent and purpose is to support and encourage you to live from your true self (soul). Soulhood is a stage in our evolutionary process that is opening up to us.  We can become pioneers who can lead a new generation to a higher dimensional way of living. Through example of what is possible, we can leave a map to the land of Soulhood by living authentically from our heart and soul. 


Pain is not here to torment us. Feelings of depression and emptiness are symptoms of something far more fundamental. They stem from a kind of primal pain of separation that we all feel – a separation from something deep within our hearts and souls. We’re all in a state of mourning for something we have lost and all of us are desperate to get it back again. ~ The Five Stages of the Soul


I love to celebrate the good in life and in people. I believe that within all of us there is a place of love and wholeness.  My purpose is to stoke that love and wholeness within myself and others bringing those energies higher and higher as we move closer and closer to one day living in a world of love, peace, and harmony. My intent and purpose is to support and encourage you to live from the highest version of yourself. 

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi

Hidden Wholeness

“There is in all things … a hidden wholeness.”

Thomas Merton, the Trappist Monk, and Mystic who wrote these words is speaking of the human world as well as the world of nature. But in our everyday lives, Merton’s words can sound like wishful thinking. Afraid that our inner light will be extinguished, or our inner darkness exposed, we hide our true identities and become separated from our own souls. We end up leading divided lives, far removed from our birthright of wholeness.

There is no escaping the human condition.  We are mirrors for each other and are always reflecting both our perfect divine nature and our imperfect human nature.

We will not reach perfection, but we can return to wholeness by integrating our perfect divine nature and our imperfect human nature.  This is what the process of evolution is all about. We all have an innate wisdom that knows we are meant to live from love, peace, harmony, joy, and wholeness.

We have given our power away by accepting lives of surviving rather than thriving. If we can let go of our survivor mentality which focuses on lack and open in faith to a connection with an infinite energy source that is always guiding us towards not only our own highest good but the highest good of all, we will begin to thrive and live abundant lives

When we resist this higher guidance, we create unnecessary suffering for ourselves.  That suffering only ceases when we surrender to a higher guidance that speaks through our innate wisdom allowing that truth to flow through us.



When we first met I was in the middle of really searching for my life's purpose.  A question a lot of people are asking these days.  With each visit I felt a beautiful calmness, a feeling of peace.  I found myself sharing, laughing, and at times I shed tears. I felt safe to feel whatever was inside, whatever wanted to rise and shine.  I have become more aware of the life energy inside me.  I have found what I've been searching for all these years… ME......not my personality but my individuality.    It's as if you see right through me.   


I believe we are all connected and are reflections of one another.  But I was still seeing this outside of me.  Through being with you I have learned the gift of bringing my presence.   Being aware of my presence and letting that shine.  Having fun with this new found energy.  It still is a process but I'm well on my way. I am more present with my family today.  There are no words to describe the subtle changes that occur when I'm with them. I'm so grateful.  The feeling when I connect with my children, to be in the moment is the best gift of all.  I find myself not depending on people's reactions and with that comes freedom.  My dream has been to feel free.... free to express.  Thank you Irma!


You bring to us the gift of you. You don't come with baggage in hand, nor do you come with judgment.   You have this wonderful gift to see the beauty in people.   Sitting with you and my son I felt so happy to see him smile and share with you. A part of him I haven't seen in so long.  You have this ability to reflect one's truth with gentle grace and gratitude.

Nancy C.