I entered into a side of existence once thought separate but had been waiting patiently to be discovered.  It grants Peace, Grace, and Bliss.  In this sweet surrender I find Light, Love and Joy in the pure beingness of life.

Through a gateway in consciousness I crossed a threshold where the Divine and Human became One. The Spiritual danced with the physical and the temporary united with the Eternal.

I seem to float just barely above the ground moving effortlessly in a sea of liquid energy.   A shimmering light surrounds all that my eyes fall upon. There is a profound silence not heard before and tears of ecstasy stream down my face.

All hard edges soften as boundaries disappear and I am held in a shroud of warmth as if the sun is shining gently upon me.

In this completeness nothing is needed and Wholeness is understood.

I move deeper into a timeless awareness that has no beginning and no end.

Self image ceases as I awaken and the desire to become is replaced by the Truth of What Is. An egoless dimension of an ultimate reality unfolds before me. I am all and nothing, empty and full.  Perception is clear and I am free from the pre-conditioned mind.

There is freshness in the air and shadows slowly dissolve into the light releasing me into liberation as I willingly surrender to a love beyond the self.

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