Once thought separate, a side of existence waits patiently to be rediscovered, granting peace, grace, and bliss. I find light, love, and joy in this sweet surrender.

Through an initiation of consciousness, I cross a threshold where the human and divine become one, where the spiritual dances with the physical and the temporary unites with the eternal.

Moving effortlessly in a sea of energy, a shimmering light surrounds all that my eyes fall upon. In this profound silence, tears of ecstasy stream down my face. Hard edges soften as boundaries disappear, and I am held in a shroud of warmth as if the sun is shining gently upon me. Nothing is needed in this completeness, and wholeness is understood as I move deeper into timeless awareness.

Self-image ceases as I awaken, and this truth replaces the desire to become. An egoless dimension of an ultimate reality unfolds before me. I am all and nothing, empty and full. Perception is clear, and I am free from the pre-conditioned mind.

There is freshness in the air as shadows slowly dissolve into light, releasing me into liberation as I willingly surrender to a love beyond the self.

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