“The challenge is not to be perfect, it’s to be whole”

~Jane Fonda~

Isn’t that the truth??  That’s what it’s all about.  Until and if we become whole in body, mind and spirit we will always feel a sense of dis-ease.  When I use the term dis-ease in connection to wholeness I am relating it to the soul, a feeling of being at dis-ease in the soul, not at peace.  There is no denying the feeling.  You know if you are at peace in the soul or not, you know if you are feeling whole or not.  The trick about achieving wholeness is you cannot achieve it by trying to be perfect.  This will actually take you on a detour down a road that does not lead to wholeness.  One way of knowing if you are trying to be perfect is judgment.  If you find yourself judging yourself or others, it is a sure sign that you are “trying” to be perfect.  Wholeness comes through acceptance and love.  This does not mean that you do not use discernment of what is right or wrong for you, it means you do not judge something as being right or wrong for everyone.  Another sign of attempting perfection is blame.  There is no one or nothing to blame.  It is our responsibility alone to move towards wholeness.  We do not get there by self blame or blaming others.  The other key difference between “trying” to be perfect and wholeness is the “trying”.  Wholeness does not require trying, it requires “allowing”.  We simply allow, let go, and let our wholeness rise up into our conscious awareness.  When we awaken to our innate wisdom, purity of spirit is revealed.  This is our birthright. 

Emotionally Whole

  • getting in touch with and taking personally responsibility for getting my basic needs met every day
  • sharing my concerns and worries with people who will listen, and in turn being there for them
  • live within a healthy balance between my work, passions, creative outlets, chores, relaxation, nourishment and exercise.
  • Not neglecting any of those areas and making course corrections as needed.

Physically Whole

  • taking care of my physical health through proper rest, exercise, hygiene, stress reduction, sex and diet
  • owning my energy and using it in the areas I choose to focus on
  • taking care of my appearance in order to feel, enjoy and attract healthy energy

Spiritually Whole

  • embracing and having spiritual needs met, including: feeling connected to the spiritual realm (meditation/prayer are some tools for connecting to the spiritual realm. Also being connected to a spiritual community)
  • surrendering to “what is” brings serenity.  Learning to respond and not react in unhealthy ways to the stresses faced every day.  Not allowing yourself to be pulled into pieces by the diverse stresses of money, time, relationships, etc. (not trying to control all the things beyond your control).  When we start to feel fragmented by being in the world, we have to remember our truth, that we are spiritually whole.

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