This morning I am contemplating the meaning of the spiritual path.  I am questioning what my spiritual path has been and is.  I am reflecting over my life and wondering what has prevented me from continuously remaining in love, peace, and harmony.

The questioning of external realities began for me after a life-changing experience at eight years old of what I would call an awakening to grace,  soul remembrance and connecting to my essence (it is hard to find one term that fits the experience).  I was graced with the understanding that it is possible to experience an inner heaven.  What confused me was why everyone was not in this place of love.  I used to receive a kind of shock every time I would experience something less than love. So, I gravitated towards the things in life that did not create a feeling of separation, like nature and animals.  Eventually, I put up protection, so I would not experience pain and confusion that sometimes happened when interacting with some people.  Unfortunately, this protection blocked out some of the bliss that can be experienced when being completely open to Love, Peace, and Harmony with what is.

My biggest angst in life has been the feeling that everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere.  I always felt that I consciously choose to be wherever I am and whom ever I’m with.  I am open and in love with the present moment, a feeling of being fully awake.

So, what does all the above have to do with a spiritual path?  Spiritual:  holy, sacred, divine, devout, mystical – Path: trail, pathway, conduit, channel

When I examine the meaning I am brought back to that feeling of where is everyone going?  Even the most spiritually proclaimed do not seem to be fully present.

My conclusion….  Perhaps if we could just stop searching we would realize that the true spiritual path is not a path to a certain destination of something more, something better.  Is it possible that there is not a spiritual path per se?  What if we sat in complete acceptance and realized we are the path itself.  There is nowhere to get to.

One final note that I realized in my pondering….  Suffering comes from wanting something to be other than what it is.  So, to ease my suffering I must accept that all I can do is let go of any remaining protections to shield myself from possible painful external stimuli, return to the oneness of Love, be fully present and accept that a lot of the time I will be alone in that presence.  I have come to realize that even though sometimes I feel alone around others, I am never truly lonely when I am in the presence of what is, in the presence of Love, peace, and harmony.

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