Once a man was walking through a forest thinking about his tendency to always be angry.

“I just don’t want to be angry anymore”, he kept thinking to himself.

Deeper into the forest he saw this wise sage standing by a tree – actually he had his arms wrapped around the tree.

“O great sage”, said the man, “can you help me?”  I have been plagued with anger all my life, and I just can’t stand it anymore.  Can you give me your teaching?”

“I can certainly help you”, said the sage, “but first I have to wait until this tree lets go of me.”

“But, sir”, said the man, “the tree is not holding onto you, you’re holding onto it.

The sage smiled. “That is my teaching,” he said, and let go of the tree and disappeared into the forest.

~ “Why does this keep happening to me again” by Alan Downs

Is there something that you feel you want to let go of but feel like it has a hold of you and therefore you think you are not able to let go?

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