I just finished tidying up the house, cleaning and putting things back in order after the holiday.  I am somehow relating this outer clean up to an inner clean up.  I am wondering if I am as likely to do an inner cleanup, an inner putting things back in order.  The external is so easily seen and kind of in my face so to speak, so it cannot be easily ignored or hidden.  The external can become pretty dysfunctional very quickly.  So too can the internal but we think somehow that we can keep that hidden and clean it up when we have the time.  Maybe we don’t notice the cobwebs in the corner of our minds and hearts.  Maybe we are not aware of the debris and unwanted baggage we hold.  Kind of like a closet, we can stuff it with all kinds of junk and close the door, out of sight – out of mind.  Not really though, even if no one ever opens the door to reveal our secret mess, on some level of awareness we know it is there.  We may also think we can keep stuffing things in it forever.  But we have those moments (sometimes just very quick flashes) when we see the truth and we know that everything has a limit, a breaking point.  But we don’t know exactly when it will happen, but we know it is bound to happen.  So we have a choice to ignore the inner clean up and wait until it all comes tumbling down taking us by surprise, forcing us to deal with it.  Or we can attempt to scramble, quickly trying to get everything stuffed back in to a container that has become too small.

For me there is another choice, it seems like the most common sense approach. I understand that it has taken me a lifetime of filling up my inner closet with thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Some of them were necessary at the time but don’t fit anymore.  Some of them are my favorite, even though they may not be very flattering, I just don’t want to let them go.  Some hold memories and I think if I let them go they will take the memories with them.  Some I actually believe are my identity because they have been with me for so long.  I don’t want to empty out my inner closet.  After all there are some things that really work for me, thoughts, feeling and beliefs that keep me grounded, wise and aware.  So I am in the process of sorting out my inner closet, getting rid of what no longer fits.  It’s a process, but I know eventually all I will have left in my inner closet will be authentic to me.  Then my work will be to keep it that way.

To allow for spirit to shine through we must first clear the debris of the ego that blocks purity of spirit.

Conscious spiritual cleanup is based on seven principles: truth, reverence, humility, courage, forgiveness, stillness and love.  “Remembering the Future” by Colette Boron. Reid

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