Maintaining the illusion of control can be an exhausting task.  At some point the task can become so burdensome an “awakening” is experienced.

Everyone has their own way of awakening.  In this awakening there is the experience of letting go.  When we are so tired and nothing else has worked, we start to give up control.  Even if we could, at this point, take back the illusion of control we are so tired and have been through so much, we are ready to let go.  Not that we stop fending for ourselves, but we realize we do not have all the answers.

We start to tune into a power greater than ourselves.  We start to trust this power and work in partnership with it.  Listen for its guidance and trust the whispers of wisdom; it is our job to get quiet enough to hear it.

When we let go, we start to be grateful for the little things in life – a bird sitting on a branch, the wind, the sunrise, the sunset, smiles received throughout the day, love given and received.  Life itself becomes full of wonder and adventure.  When we ourselves become full, we experience our true self, which is love, and see this in the world around us.  If we feel good that is what we see reflected back.

Peace to all who take this journey, for you are courageous!

May your life become full of wonder and adventure.

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