This morning I am thinking of ego, image, fear, and protection (all kind of the same thing).  They all bring a feeling of hard edges.  So I go within and ask myself, do I have these hard edges, if so where do they show up in my life?

They show up when I can’t look you directly in the eye because I feel I have something to hide – hard edge, when I believe our differences make any difference – hard edge, when I forget to greet the day in gratefulness – hard edge, when I shut down any of my senses- hard edge, whenever my heart is not wide open – hard edge.

If I ever start to believe I have become enlightened, I vow to humbly and kindly lower myself from my righteous perch of piousness to the realization that the closest I can hope for is a merging of my humanness and my divinity.  I will move towards softening the hard edges of the ego allowing my underbelly to show, revealing an ever so sweet tenderness, understanding, vulnerability, transparency and a never ending love.

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