When washing my face I took a step back and looked at my eyes in the mirror.  My eyes seemed a bit cloudy and dull, I wondered why.  Where has the sparkle gone?  Where was the light in my eyes?  I did an internal check in and realized that my energy level was lower than usual.  I began to ask myself some internal inventory questions as to why my energy was low.  My internal inventory helped me to identified some key factors leading to my low energy.  I intend on taking the action steps needed to raise my energy level.  I somehow had fallen below the ‘Love Vibration”, hence loosing the light in my eyes.  Being in a state of love is what creates the light in the eyes.  Well….signing off to get busy with my action steps.  May I suggest that you check out your eyes next time you look in the mirror?  As we all know they are the mirrors to our soul.


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