We travel alone down different roads; we search to find our way back home. Sometimes the road is clear with no obstacles in the way, sometimes we are so lost, like a needle in the hay.

Can you hear the voice that whispers so gentle and so kind, take your time, don’t hurry, you are judged not by time. As we walk along, we strengthen, and we build just what will be needed when we reach another hill.

The road seems never ending with no resting spot in sight, what we can’t see waits for us; through the dark we see a light. One thin beam comes shining through, just enough to lead the way to the stars, the sun, and the moon. Their light seems so familiar, what was lost now is found. In our hearts the same light shines, here on earth and heaven bound.

Though our roads are different there is a meeting place where hurt, shame and rejection are gone without a trace. I’ve come to understand that I never was alone, the person I needed most I abandoned long ago. I welcome her to walk with me down the roads I’ve yet to roam, I hope to see you along the way… on your journey toward home.



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