Slowly the walls grew thick around my heart.

I built layer after layer of protection until the walls were so thick they became a fortress that locked me in and others out.

Great Spirit,

I come here tonight to pray for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for the damage I have done to myself and to others by carrying this pain around. I am here tonight with a spark of light in my heart and a prayer that this light grows brighter and stronger until it is again joined with yours.

I see your light tonight in the moon and the stars. I see your light shining through the eyes of my friends – a light that guides us, that brought us here. With this prayer I release blaming others – I release holding them responsible for my happiness. I release anger over not receiving the love I needed as a child. I release guilt for not knowing how to love. I release confusion and self doubt. I release the need to suffer. I release all that is in the way from letting your light shine through me.

I pray for peace, healing and an open heart.

Thank-You Great Spirit for the time I have had and for the time that remains.

In Humble Appreciation,  Your Child

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