All that is false begins to breakdown, sometimes piece by piece or sometimes by hitting some sort of bottom.  Whatever we have used to hide behind stops working and try as we might, we can’t continue the sham.  All false images we have created start to give way and disintegrate right before our eyes like sand slipping through our fingers.  Just as we cannot hold onto sand once we open our fingers, the same is true about trying to hold onto an image that has been shattered to pieces.


At this point we can be a bit dazed and confused.  We might feel like we are neither here nor there.  We are no longer clinging to the past and its conditioning, but we are not quite fully present either.  Then another shift happens and just like Alice in Wonderland stepping through the looking glass, everything has changed.  We begin our journey into new territory, a breakthrough to another side of life not previously known to us.

We begin to surrender and open-up allowing ourselves to integrate our divine self with our human self.  Our personality aligns with our soul.  The pretense is over, and we are now connected to our true self.  We are whole.  We are no longer trying to find the missing pieces of ourselves in the external world.

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