I have been pondering on Love & Fear / Expansion & Contraction.  I am coming to realize that any time I allow myself to contract (go into fear) on some level I am believing that by contracting into fear I will be able to protect myself from harm.  The bargain that is made in that moment is I lose consciousness by believing in the illusion of fear.  I am actually giving it power.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy to shift back and forth between love and fear, the opening and closing of the heart.

We cannot expect that fear will not challenge us, it will (unless and until we become permanently enlightened). But, if we do not resist it, if we relax into it, it will pass through us (after all it is transient and illusionary) and dissolve into love which is eternal and always waiting to welcome us back home to our true self.

What would happen if we learned to love fear?  What if we fully accepted it?  Is it a true statement that love conquers all (including fear)?  I think that is a true statement.

Is it possible to keep an Open Heart even in the face of fear?  Can we learn to let Love protect us instead of fear?

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